Is PUBG the real deal? Early access, is that a problem?
Mobile game review: QONQR: World In Play
Review of Nocked: True tales of Robin Hood
Bas & Roman wants to say: Thank you for all support!
Nocked True Tales of Robin Hood
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Well, why the hell not? Is that a good first thought?
I have been waiting to see what will happen to this game. A game in early access that sell millions of copies. We have seen some bad endings before.. *cough* DayZ *cough* H1Z1 *cough*..
This game have been updated and is ready for the new generation of consoles.
You heard it right. It seems like Facebook have chosen a game that they will promote through their channels. No matter the game, it will have a huge impact on the world. I mean, come on. It is Facebook!
I thought I had found a smooth open world, survival crafting game. I was wrong. Despite the lack of fancy graphics, I experience a lot of lag spikes when playing split-screen co-op.
Nintendo are apparently working together with SanDisc to sell some memory cards for the Nintendo Switch. Do you need those in particular? Or will any memory card work? Are they more expensive than regular memories?
It is coming together nicely but there are certain things I will have a temporary solution for.
A studio in Stockholm will be or is even started already. Former DICE boss Patrick Bach will be in charge.
Are big franchises trying to tweak their games into new genres? Is the turn-based strategy the new big genre growing strong? Should indie games be scored equally to AAA titles?
A new mod for GTA V is coming and it does sound like it is inspired by Battle Royale.