Kingdom Come Interview! As guests to The Fit Gamer Podcast we had two members from the development team over at Warhorse Studios. It was a pleasure!
We talked DayZ development with Martin from the DayZ dev team. A lot of beta details. 1.0 release coming this year. It made me interested in playing the game again!
What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
On The Fit Gamer Podcast we interviewed the developers behind Raw Data, Survios.
Kingdom Come
What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
Raw Data

Until the 19th of February there is a free weekend on Overwatch. I believe it is on all systems as well.
Numbers regarding the sold copies on Steam are all over the Internet already, 2 days after the release.
It was like a lot of people predicted, a draft-based arena mode.
Something will be announced. It should be availability on mobile devices. That would be an important step for them. But it seems to be regarding a new game mode.
I played the VR version of Surgeon Simulator. Is it any good?
Is it good or not? I found it on sale. We do like games that are on big discounts.
There are four of them. They have a naturally protective hide and they loooove pizza! Cowabunga!
What is this project? Marvel and Square Enix are working on something. Check out the trailer in the article.
Strengthen your body with controlled lifts in the gym environment will save you from in injuries when lifting in your everyday life.
The king of whey proteins. The whey where there protein is isolated from other substances like lactose.