3000 kcal diet & still lose weight

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 08:54


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Close to figuring out my metabolism

- I burn somewhere around 3100 kcal each day



If you want to, you could say that I am wrong already. And that would be true. It is the amount of calories that I burn everyday that I am about to figure out. The word metabolism is probably not quite correct. But this is no scientific article, as long as you understand what I mean that is just fine.



I have measured the calories I eat for almost two weeks now. I have been eating about 3100 calories every day. At the same time, every morning I have been standing on the scale. Since I know that my weight is not shifting from one day to the other. I have kept eating the same amount of calories for almost two weeks. After that amount of time, I will be able to learn something from how looking at my morning weight for the past 2 weeks.

The weight have not gone down every day. But after this short period, I have lost weight. The last couple of days, the scale consistently shows a lower weight than when I started.




I will be able to lose weight in order to lose some of the fat that I have gained during my bulk, by eating around 3000 calories. That is amazing. It is more about my way of life rather than me being unique. It is a really simple journey, being able to eat 3000 calories and still lose weight.


If my way of life leads to me burning that amount of calories. Should it not be possible for most people to do the same? I mean people that have jobs where they stay active. And no. I have not been doing a lot of cardio exercises. I have been lifting weights. On a normal day when I am at work, I walk about 8000 - 10 000 steps however. I am thinking that a lot of people have similar jobs. Unfortunately I think that a lot of people that are ”eating healthy” don't have a clue about the number of calories they are eating. Whole grain or not, it will still add calories to your diet.



If you want to know how much calories you burn.

Do what I did. Guess how many calories you burn, eat that amount every day for a week or two and see what the scale shows you. You need to measure the food properly however, a handful of chocholate or nuts will make an impact. 


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