What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
Review! The Cavern - VR puzzle adventure
Raw Data VR Review!
On The Fit Gamer Podcast we interviewed the developers behind Raw Data, Survios.
What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
The Cavern
Raw Data VR Review!
Raw Data

This is a review of the virtual reality adventure, The Cavern.
Does Instagram affect the way athletes are dieting before competitions?
Will we get to see this in the future?
There is a blogpost on bungie.net where they talk about the future of Destiny 2. Let's be honest, they have had a rough start.
Let's take a look at what happened during 2017 within the world of gaming.
It appears as if Razor are coming up with something of a mobile device that you can dock into a laptop looking device. Enjoy a bigger monitor with the power of your mobile device.
Do you have a goal to lose weight during the spring of 2018? Want to hear my thoughts on losing weight without losing all muscle mass as well? Losing weight is easy. Keeping the muscles however is the hard part.
They want to come up with something to compete with Sony and Nintendo.
Are these the titles that you expected? I don't think so.
Did VR take the world with storm? In order to become the future, this technology need to work for it.