Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Electronauts: Interview with the President of Survios. The studio behind Electronauts.
How much protein do you need each day?
Kingdom Come Interview! As guests to The Fit Gamer Podcast we had two members from the development team over at Warhorse Studios. It was a pleasure!
We talked DayZ development with Martin from the DayZ dev team. A lot of beta details. 1.0 release coming this year. It made me interested in playing the game again!

What did we think about this game? Read the review to find out.
Also known as "Tracks: The Family Friendly Open World Train Set Game". How has this not been done before? Brilliant idea, should sell quite a few copies if it would be advertised properly.
I found a few titles that might be of interest in November. Did I miss any?
During Blizzcon they showed some footage from Diablo IV - finally. This time the announcement was not regarding some mobile game or expansion to old titles.
Riot Games is creating a card game. To have a chance at trying the beta, you can sign up already. Find out more in this article.
I have found a couple of games that might interest you in the sales.
Will that change once Disney+ arrives?
If you have managed to miss it. League of Legends is at its best. The best teams from regions all over the world have gathered at Worlds and right now we are in the group stages.
This is a recommendation. The documentary about Avicii. It is really strong and show a lot of behind the scenes footage.
We got a release date! November 5th! Also, it will appear on Google Stadia as well. Merry Christmas gamers!