Review! Creed: Rise to Glory
Electronauts: Interview with the President of Survios. The studio behind Electronauts.
How much protein do you need each day?
Kingdom Come Interview! As guests to The Fit Gamer Podcast we had two members from the development team over at Warhorse Studios. It was a pleasure!
We talked DayZ development with Martin from the DayZ dev team. A lot of beta details. 1.0 release coming this year. It made me interested in playing the game again!

Not just a port. This game has been built for VR from the very beginning!
Skyrim Special Edition is a real thing. It is coming in October!
London 1918. You are a world war 1 veteran. A doctor. But now you are turned into a vampire and you need blood! Are you prepared?
The 16th of August Paragon will be available for all of us. A free open beta will launch on PC and PlayStation 4.
Like we spoke about for the past months on The Fit Gamer Podcast, a new version of PlayStation 4 is in the making. Now Sony has confirmed that a new console is coming. They won't show it on E3 though.
Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR is out. Check out the trailer!
New Elusive Target In HITMAN! This target is available for 72 hours. You are assigned to assassinate one of the candidates to become the next pope!
The eSports scene is growing, we all know that. UK had big increases in viewers during ESL UK. Luminosity won the CS:GO tournament, leaving with a check of $200,000!
Ubisoft celebrates their 30 year anniversary and E3 is coming up. Will they have some spectacular surprise for us?
John Guidetti is a character. He is one of the stars, yet he is close to the fans. Crazy enthusiasm on and off the pitch, he is motivating an entire nation!