What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
Review! The Cavern - VR puzzle adventure
Raw Data VR Review!
On The Fit Gamer Podcast we interviewed the developers behind Raw Data, Survios.
What happened within the world of gaming during 2017?
The Cavern
Raw Data VR Review!
Raw Data

A new mod for GTA V is coming and it does sound like it is inspired by Battle Royale.
It will be released in about 2 weeks. With the success of the first game, surely this must be a hit. Right?
A game similar to XCOM but in a western setting?!
This has been released on Netflix now. I am watching it as I am writing this. Is it worth watching?
Wait for it. Waiiit for it.
I tried a "new" way to exercise, sort of cross fit. Not sure how I feel about it. But sometimes you got to mix it up.
When this game will finally launch, it appears as if it will only be available for PC.
We won't have to wait until christmas. On the 10th of November the game is set for release. To celebrate that announcement there is a big sale going on for FM2017.