Nuke replaces Inferno (CS:GO)

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Valve is replacing Inferno with a reworked version of Nuke for their future tournaments!


The CS:GO competitive map pool contains 7 maps. It is always seven! Which means that they have to remove one map in order to add a new one. Back in 2015 they added a reworked version of Train to the map pool. That meant that Nuke hade to go. 

Now they have reworked Nuke and wants to put it back into the map pool. Their decision on which map to remove? Inferno! And the news has been met with a lot of criticism.

I read that a couple of pro players had been using Twitter to complain. However, I could only find the tweet below that actually targeted the change. 


Zeus from Natus Vincere wrote this tweet.

Nuke has been around for a long time and been a competitive map. If you grew up playing Counter Strike, you will have a lot of memories from this map. I can't stop thinking about those f**king vents that leads from bombsite A to B.

One of the reasons behind all this criticism seems to be the technical problems. Some players are experiencing a drop in the FPS on certain areas of the map. If there is a problem with the FPS on the map, it is a big issue. 

Counter Strike has always been a game where the FPS is very important and the fact that the game is not using the newest graphics have always been an advantage in this aspect. Most people can use their computers to play the game without having problems like these. When they are reworking the maps and adding graphical content they need to have this in mind. They can't make the maps too graphical.

I guess the biggest reason for the negative response is the map that they are removing. Since the pro players will not have problems with FPS on their super machine that is tuned for this game. They simply like Inferno. Over the years this map has been played a lot and there are a lot of legendary Counter Strike memories that has been created here.

Personally I prefer Inferno over Nuke as well. But if you are to add Nuke and remove some other map instead, that would be great! Since both Nuke and Inferno are classical maps that I can relate so many memories to, I want them both.

Nuke is now in the "Active Duty"-group. That means that it will be used in future Valve events. With this level of drama, will it though? I have my doubts. At least it might be some delay before the change go through. They might have to convince everyone that it does not have technical issues that might affect the tournaments.

However, I noticed that have written this:

"Nuke will be featured as one of the seven maps played at the CS:GO Major Championship at ESL One Cologne 2016."

I guess this is happening!

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