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Interview: Weightloss journey starting at 444 pounds. The man behind the Instagram account Losingitin18 - Episode 157

1 week 6 days ago

During this episode Roman is talking to Brian, the man behind the Instagram account Losingitin18. They talk about how his weightloss journey, which started at 444 pounds, can motivate and inspire other people to take those first, important steps to get started.

Find Brian, our guest of today on Instagram:

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Interview with President behind Electronauts. Our guest is none other than Nathan Burba from Survios. - Episode 147

3 months 1 week ago

Literally an hour after the champagne was opened to celebrate the release of Electronauts. We got to speak with the President of Survios, Nathan Burba.

Hear his take on new features, mod support and new songs for Electronauts. Nathan was happy to share fun and interesting stories from the development of Electronauts.


Electronauts got released on the 7th of August. It is more of a virtual reality experience than a game. You get to play around with music. Create personal interpretations of songs created by big musicians.


Roman also got excited for Survios next release. Creed. That will release during 2018.


Find Survios here:

Twitter: @Survios

Warhammer: CowBane! Jar Jar Binks expected in Black Panther, Pike! Best supports! E3 leaks, Pokémon for E3? Fallout 76 a proper game? - Episode 140

5 months 1 week ago

In this episode Bas and Roman starts out with a long League of Legends discussion regarding the best supports, Roman choosing roles and what is this new champion Pike? Is he a jungler? Support?

`What news have leaked out prior to E3?

Prediction! New Pokémon game on E3!

Fallout 76 a proper game

Jar Jar Binks expected in Black Panther.

43 minutes 10 seconds ago
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