Wait for it. Waiiit for it.
Just another walk in The Forest. But I am not alone...
Comedic video of Bas & Roman trying to share a lane in League of Legends
If I understand it correctly this game is available for free (the beginning) on all platforms. And on PlayStation, it is on sale as well. I tried it, made a video where you can judge for yourselves.
Scary shit. More fun to watch than to play...
For some reason Bas made me buy Outlast last night. The first game, it was on a 73% sale on PS Store.
This is an opportunity to pick up some great games at great prices! Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is just one of the titles I picked up at this sale. Watch the video. Read the text. Don't miss it.
A video with a review of the movie Assassin's Creed. One hell of a video!