Apex Legends losing players?

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 22:08


Apex Legends

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Apex Legends losing players

- Not really?


There are people talking about how Apex Legends have lost players in recent time. Personally I don't think that is the case. They haven't lost any real players since the players that are not playing the game anymore was never really Apex Legends players to begin with.


Apex Legends launched as a free-to-play game. It was a huge hit instantly. There were talk about records being broken with regards of the number of players they had. Yes, they did have those crazy numbers of players having downloaded the game and played a few rounds. But I highly doubt that the players that are no longer playing the game were players that they really thought was going to stick around.


A temporary solution to play with friends

When a free-to-play title is launched, there will always be players downloading the game that already know from the start that they are not going to play it very often. When you are talking to your friends on Discord or Skype and having a good time. You might be looking for a game to play, something that everyone owns. That is where games like Apex Legends come in. It is free, which means that it is available for everyone. Some of your friends will not really like the game but will download it just to be able to join their friends.

The developers should have known this and I don't think that they are worried about the amounts of players dropping. It will probably make their life a little bit easier, with less stress on their servers.



So to summarize this for you.

First of all. Apex Legends is not about to die. It will not disappear. Don't worry. Even if people are waiting to see how they are going to follow up this initial success. They have balanced the gameplay a little bit. That was necessary since the players was finding the best weapons and the best characters. If they are looking to add some sort of ranked system into the game, which they really should do. Then finding a balance is key.


Second, it would be interesting to see how many players are starting the game more than once a week. Just to get an idea of how many active players there are in Apex Legends.


Personally I would never play the game alone. It is something that I can play with friends when I don't feel like investing 50 minutes into League of Legends. The average Apex round is pretty short, especially if you are running around looking for action. It is all about the social aspect, not about the game itself.