Assassin's Creed The Movie coming in December

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Assassin's Creed

This movie will hit the theatres at December 21st in 2016. Perhaps a ticket to that movie is what Santa will bring you this year? 

Why am I all of a sudden writing about this movie? Well, it is not the release date that is new. One of the employees at Ubisoft have been talking about the movie. In the interview he spoke about the fact that it was not important for Ubisoft to make money on this movie. 

Well that's a dumb statement? That was my initial reaction. Then I continued to read and he meant that it was more important to build the brand than to make money on the actual movie. And I can understand that. Of course it is more important to get new fans to the series than it is to make a few bucks on one production.


Assassin's Creed could use a few more fans as well. In a time where the gaming community is changing rapidly, this is a good time to follow Warcraft's example and head into the movie theatres. Ubisoft is trying to make the series more mainstream I suppose. I hope that they create the movie like they did the games: 

A lot of fucking towers to climb!


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After reading about the movie and this statement I figured I might as well make a full article about the movie. Do I think it will be a good movie? Or will it be the hardcore fans that will enjoy it the most?

My guess would be that the general public will probably like it as much, if not more, as the people who have played the series of video games. There are so much in the video games that have created a relation to the game and the characters. In a movie, that image is not something created by you, it is a finished package that gets projected at you in the theatre. That means that it might be very different from how the fans have gotten used to seeing Assassin's Creed. 

I believe that they will gain quite a few new fans to the game series. They are preparing for future releases of course. But my guess would be that there are probably a lot of people that will purchase the old Assassin's Creed games and try them out after visiting the theatres. Then after a game or two they will probably be like:

Oh my god! I can't believe that they did not have this part in the movie. A tower I get to climb! Yay! (sarcasm)


Here is a trailer from Youtube. What do you think? Are you hyped? After watching that one I am still convinced that the general public will get more entertainment from it than I will. Simply because I have created my own images of how that universe is and my relation to it has been built over several games.