The Avengers Project

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 20:31


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The Avengers Project

- Marvel & Square Enix are doing something together


Square Enix and Marvel working together on a project? It looks that way. It seems like we can look forward to several titles as a result of this allience. We know the name of the first one so far. It is called ”The Avengers Project”.


We can all speculate freely since we don't have much facts. But does it not seem like it might have something to do with the beginning? Some information have been given. Here are 2 things we have gotten from a Marvel blogpost. You can read the entire blogpost here)


- "A completely original story"

- "Introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come"



How about this theory? They are creating a universe from before the Avengers was a thing. And this world will be the world for several new titles coming in the future as a result of Square and Marvel is working together.


Here is a trailer. Maybe it does not give us much. But admit it. You are curious!




These developers and publishers have worked together previously.

If I understand it correctly Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics will be responsible for the game development.

I remember the name Crystal Dynamics from a title released back in 1996. It was called Pandemoniu and was a platformer. I never understood it. I was young and the game was in english. But still. I was sitting at that monitor watching a character on the monitor react to me pressing buttons on the keyboard. I was entertained enough.

The point is. They have been around for quite a while in this business. There have been some Disney titles I believe. But lately they are definitely most famous for the Lara Croft and Tomb Raider series.

Crystal Dynamics seems to have developed games for Eidos in the past. But their recent games have been published by Square Enix. So these companies have done stuff together before. So I am not surprised that they are the people behind this new IP. Let's hope that they manage to create something great!