Documentary to watch: Avicii: True Stories

Submitted by Roman on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 20:10


This is Avicii


Avicii: True Stories

- Inspiring but really sad at the same time


Since we know how it all ended. It sort of becomes a sad experience. There is no other way of putting it really. But it really is inspiring, such a hard worker. Such a brilliant mind at work when creating these songs. In a matter of hours! It is crazy I tell you.


I had never paid attention to the guy behind the famous songs before. Since I live in Sweden I have read some headlines in the media regarding hostpital visits etc during tours. But I never looked into what that was all about. In this movie you get to see behind the scenes. Hear a lot of private conversations. It is quite crazy actually. I never expected to be able to get this close to Avicii.


A lot of musicians in the movie say the same thing. Tim was a brilliant artist. He had all the keys to creating a fantastic song right there in his head. No need to sit with an instrument and play while coming up with the tunes.



It is available on Netflix in Sweden right now. I have no idea regarding other countries. But I guess that it will be available somewhere. I really recommend watching this documentary if you are interested in the story at all. Check out the official trailer for the movie below.