Time to start the grind

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Time to start the grind

- Everyday routines with work/school is positive


Even though tight schedules at work or in school might feel tough at times. There are actually a lot of positives that comes with it. If you look at it from the right perspective.



The dietary perspective

When I am at work I eat whatever I bring. If I bring healthy stuff, then I will spend my day eating healthy. It is that simple. With meal planning or healthy panic solutions around, I will take one step closer to my fitness goals. Let's say that the work is about 8 hours. I travel back and forth from work, that adds a little time as well. Those are hours where I will easily control my diet. I am not close to whatever is hiding in the storage at home. I don't watch commercials that try to make me eat delicious snacks.

Reaching goals are often about defeating (or trying to remove) weaknesses. If you do have a weakness for sweets. Then trying to prepare meals and control what you keep close could be a solution that would remove some of those quick solutions that you end up eating.




The hitting-the-gym-perspective

One of the most difficult things is to get your ass from the comfortable couch and drag it to the gym. One of the upsides of being away from home 5 days a week is that you are automatically away from that couch. Getting up earlier to make time for the gym before work might be an option. That way you will have it out of the way and can feel relaxed for the rest of the day.


After work, you have a window to hit the gym before you even reach the comfortable couch. Before it is even an option to sit down and fall asleep while watching Netflix. If you know yourself and know that it is a problem. That you sit down in the couch and just feel like never leaving it again. Then it might be a very good idea to hit the gym om the way home from work.




Focusing on working days will mean consistency

Being consistent during the work weeks will give you a window of enjoying your vacation more, to enjoy the weekends without guilt of not moving towards your goals. Just do the math. It is simple. There are plenty of working weeks during a year. Not as many vacation weeks. If you take a look at the ratio between the working days and your free days during a normal week. There will be more strict days than there will be days of leisure. Now I know, it is not the highest of expectations. Not the highest of goals. But hey, it is a way to get started. Because here is the thing.



Once you get results, taking the next step will be easier to take

To people that is not working out. It might appear as if people that is working out 5 times a week is crazy. And they talk about how fantastic it is! What a load of bullsh..! Well, here is the thing. It is difficult to begin with. Working out will give you a lot of pain from the muscles being sore for days after working out. You will feel really tired after the workouts in the beginning as well. The positive boost of working out is a feeling that will become a fantastic thing with time. But you might have to wait a few weeks or months before it is really starting to kick in.


I will not push those reasons however. I believe that the reason why it is easier to keep a healthy lifestyle after a while is because you have seen the results that it will give you. No matter what goal you have, losing weight or growing bigger. Once you see the results, you really want to keep seeing results. Personally, I believe that is why I find it easy to motivate myself. Because I have seen what results I can have if I just stick to a plan. I know that I will feel great when the results starts to show. The results might be a few months away but on those days when I feel like quitting, I can imagine how great it will feel in a couple of months.



You have Not failed unless you give up

Eating fast foods for an entire weekend is not failing. You fail when you give up. If you feel like you have let yourself down with not working out or eating unhealthy. Just reset and focus on the next meal being better. The next day, the workout will be great. That way it is the old classic saying, one step backwards then two step forward. You have hit a bump in the road. You have not suffered a fatal crash. Remember that. No matter how old you are. No matter the situation. Changes can be done and results achieved.