Baldur's Gate 3 - History, My Story, Hype Story!

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Baldurs Gate 3


Baldur's Gate 3

- Most interesting reboot in 2019, no doubt!










Wasted years....



There are a lot of feelings that is surfacing when I am thinking about the prospect of playing Baldur's Gate 3 when that is released. Let's start with the E3 trailer right away. Check it out below.








What do you think?

Did it tell you anything regarding the game?

I don't think it tell us very much, perhaps introducing us to the main villain of the game. Nothing more. It looks like the city is burning, what is up with that?


When I look at videos that are trying to connect the trailer to previous history and looking for easter eggs. Here are some of the things that came up.


Mercenary in the video, belonging to ”The Flaming Fist”. That is a known faction from the previous PC games.


The transformation you see is connected to a known species from other games and movies. It is called the Mind Flayer. Similar to the Alien movies. Something enters your body, feeds on you for a while and then when it is done. It will simply kill the host and be strong on its own. Apparently they were mentioned in ”Stranger Things”.


Baldurs Gate 3


In the sky, you can see a biiiig tentacle. That is referring to some kind of vessle that is well known. A vessel used when Mind Flayers had their own empire. A spaceship pretty much.



Since this species and transformation were mentioned in interviews. It is pretty clear that we can expect this to be the main villain in this game. They have come back somehow and are now ravaging through Baldur's Gate.


Then there is this big shot of the city in the trailer. It is probably the first 3D shot of the city shown in the history of the franchise. That image is just amazing. Take a look at it below.



Baldurs Gate 3




History & Personal Relationship With Baldur's Gate

If you were not around RPG games around the year of 2000. You might wonder why the hell I am hyping this game so much. Because Baldur's Gate 2 was released in 2000 for PC. After those games, there has been two releases on console. Those are not to be confused with the PC games. They might have somewhat connected stories but are completely different games. Those were more action RPGs whereas the PC games was completely point-and-click tactical RPGs. If you did not play the original Baldur's Gate titles on PC. I doubt that the console versions made you pick up the Enhanced Editions that later arrived for PC. Those Enhanced Editions made it possible to run the classical games through Steam. Without graphical bugs and glitches that old games often experience.


The first two games reached legendary status amongst the fans of RPGs. A lot of franchises emerged, similar to the original Baldur's Gate. The biggest and latest one is probably Divinity: Original Sin. That is pretty much a perfect copy of what Baldur's gate I & II would have looked like today. But the original Baldur's Gate pretty much invented the graphical style while that is not something that Divinity had to do I believe. Today we have advanced graphical technology that we did not have back in the 1990's.

Other franchises that deserve to be mentioned are the Dragon Age games. They are some sort of a mix between the PC and the Console versions of Baldur's Gate.



Graphically speaking... The classics was demanding.

It is difficult to understand today. Today a lot of games are free-to-play in order to attract customers. These games meant thousands upon thousands lines of text to read. Different stories to be told. You could easily play the game for hundreds of hours and still get a completely new experience when you started a ”new save” with a different character. It was all about the choices you made, the party members you added along the way.


Just to be clear. Today, I will say that graphics does not matter at all. These games are amazing because of other things. But back then, this was some graphical shit. And when you were looking at an object, it was pretty much a pencil sketch of the item you were looking at. Not some painted, 3D graphical image that made them rendered into something that looked computerized. No, you probably got to see the sketch that the developers used when creating the different items that was supposed to be implemented into the game.

That was pretty much the reason why I bought the enhanced editions of these games. Because when I tried to use the old game discs that I have, these images was not shown properly. There were a lot of issues, that a lot of old games have on new PC's.



My family had just bought a new PC. Pretty much our first PC, the previous one did not offer any gaming opportunities. There was this neighbor that I had. He was a few years older than me, we did not really hang out. But for some reason, Baldur's Gate made us hang out. He brought copies of the game discs for both Baldur's Gate I and Baldur's Gate II. But I recall him talking about the amazing graphics. I suppose that the chance to play the games on a new computer was motivation to come and hang out with a younger neighbor. Today I don't see the amazing graphics. But having a huge world like those games, having 3D, having all those different characters, environments and items. Of course there must have been a huge difference between a standard PC and a brand new one. 




I owe thousands of hours of entertainment to that one person

I was 14 at the time. Internet was pretty much starting. You could download stuff at 5kbit/second. You disconnected the phone line while doing it. Mobile phones was not a thing yet. Which meant that you did not really get to use the Internet too much. Since it made everyone in the house disconnected from the world. Noone could call you. And it cost like any normal phone call would cost per minute.


I owe him every second of entertainment that the Baldur's Gate franchise have given me over the years. I am talking about thousands of hours. I would have never found these games. It is not like Steam existed. No way. Youtube did not exist, there was no place to watch trailers of every game being released. And I was not really a ”gaming person”. I played whatever games I came across, but had no clue about what was available.




PC Games

The PC games was, like I said, a lot about reading texts and point-and-click. Based on what party members you got, you had different quests. They all had their own goals in life and destinations to visit. It could create a lot of problems if they did not like one another. In order to finish these games, it took a lot of time.



Console Games

These games are not a lot about texts or choices. Hack-and-slash is more a term that comes to mind. There were different dialogues and some item crafting. But it was never about anything else than being able to move around, avoiding damage while at the same time pressing the X-button fast enough to kill your enemies.

Does it sound like I am hating on these games? I bet it does. But no. I spent hundreds of hours playing these games as well. After a few years I even started to abuse the saving system, just defeating bosses and importing characters back and forth. Trying to see how powerful you could become. With maximum levels and insane amounts of gold.


I did enjoy these titles a lot too. No doubt. But somehow, it feels like the name got ruined. The epic name of Baldur's Gate became something else, not the tactical RPG that it once was. In order to play those games I went to other games. Most recently Divinity: Original Sin. Those games are somewhat similar to the classical Baldur's Gate. And take a look at the next chunk of text....




Who are developing Baldur's Gate 3?

I was really nervous about this. Was there some team of developers that had been developing the console games? Was there a group of developers that was working on the old classic games from the previous millennium?

When watching the text that was connected to some of the trailers or Youtube videos about this game. I saw something that really calmed my nerves. It said: ”From the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2”. Wow. The one game that I felt was at the same level as my old Baldur's Gate experience. Those guys are involved in creating this new Baldur's Gate!




What are my expectations?

Screw the graphics. Those are not very important. The important thing is the impact different choices will have on your experience. Choices will create different paths. That is important to me. Since I have played Divinity: Original Sin. I really appreciated it when me and my wife got attacked by pretty much every character on the screen at one point. I asked my wife what the hell she had done. She took a ”bucket of water”. I looked down to my side and saw a ship being on fire. Did they all attack since she robbed them of their chance to save their ship?

Small choices, ending up changing everything. That is amazing. I understand that it is not easy to develop that but it is what I would love to see.


Making different friends (A.I characters) that will open up new ways to ”solve the puzzles” etc. New quests that will lead to the same end result as other paths will.






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Expected release date: I don't care, just make it legendary!


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