Date for CoD: Black Ops 4 beta announced

Submitted by Roman on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:06


CoD: Black Ops 4


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta

- As well as beta for the ”Battle Royale” mode


I am not sure if these beta releases will be for everyone or only for the people that pre-order the game. Hopefully it is for everyone. The point of a beta from the players point of view is to try a game to see if it is good, right?

I understand that the developers want data from the sessions to see if the servers will handle the stress etc. But when we are forced to pre-order a game in order to play a beta. Then it is sort of like we give them our money before we know if the game is good or not. And then we have to do their job of testing the game as well!


PlayStation 4 will start off this beta on the third of August. As I understand it, PC and Xbox One will follow the next weekend.


I am not sure if there is a specific date for the multiplayer beta. The Battle Royale mode. But it appears as if it will be sometime in September.


If you are going to play it for PC. You will use the client. It is interesting to see other titles than Blizzards own games arriving for this platform. Do they have plans on expanding?



Will Call of Duty challenge other "Battle Royale games"?

So this new multiplayer mode for the Black Ops series. The one similar at least, to what we usually call ”Battle Royale”. Do you think it will become an instant hit? Will games like PUBG and Fortnite become less popular?


Fortnite is a lot different from the rest of the games. It is simply unique and target a younger audience perhaps. PUBG on the other hand might be a little bit more nervous, right?


Since I played some PUBG lately, with new maps coming and a quicker game mode. I believe that PUBG can feel pretty safe as well. They have delievered new content for their players and that will probably keep them satisfied. To purchase Call of Duty to gain access to the multiplayer is expensive. Especially if you already have paid for a similar game.