HUNT: Showdown

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Hunt Showdown


HUNT: Showdown

- My most recent purchase


Oh my f@%&ng god! Started that game. Figured I would play a solo game. I got scared half to death after just a few seconds. Not great with the controls and jumped by two... monsters? I don't even know what they are!


And out there in the darkness there are other players as well. Who would love to see me dead.


If you scroll down, you will see footage of me and Bas doing our first run in this game. Unfortunately it is a daylight map though. But still entertaining.



This is a game that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Don't get me wrong. I am just taken by the extreme experience. The graphics looked great. The few minutes I stayed online. It is what I have been waiting for.

I don't expect the shooting to be perfect like Counter Strike. I expect it to be a bit akward since I am using old @$$ weapons. Not exactly laser sights. But in an environment like this. I don't give a sh&% if the shooting isn't completely accurate.


Unless they have changed the gameplay since I saw a lot of videos regarding the game. It is about completing an objective. One example is to kill a monster and send it back to hell or something. In order to find the beast on the map you can run around and search for three clues. The clues will give you a chance to find the beast. Perhaps you get to see what that monster sees at that point. If you know the map inside out, you will know where the beast is.


When someone has found and killed the beast. All players on the map get the location marked on their maps. Banishing this thing to hell takes time. Now you are hunted! The other players will come for you. Escape with the bounty!

This is an interesting aspect of the gameplay. You can choose if you want to search for the monster yourself or just sneak around, messing with opponents while waiting for someone to do your dirty work. And if you come across monsters. If you fire your gun, you will give your position away to other players.


I can see this game being a fantastic game to play on stream with a friend. Not sure I have the nerves for it solo. I tried to get the stream running on my laptop but I have never used it before for streaming. Making it a pain to setup. Unfortunately I gave up, would have been a fun stream considering my reactions when trying the game.


I will be back regarding this game. Looking forward to it. While at the same time, being scared of it.  




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