Bloodborne Challenge: Where is my weapon?! And First Boss

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:35





Updates from the ”Bloodborne Challenge” that I am doing. Just a reminder. My mouth is too big at times. During one episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast I felt bold and suggested that I would be able to finish Bloodborne. Even though I never play games even close to it. It is a very special genre.


So here are some videos of my struggles.



These videos are from the first boss or very close to it. There are way worse mistakes in other videos that I will add into a text later on. Right now I just want to say: Spoiler alert! One of the videos show how I fight the first boss of the game. In other videos I might mention the tactic that I am about to try against the upcoming boss.

But this is not a new game. You have been warned though!


First video is where I try to find my weapon. Somehow I lost it. 


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Second video is where I realize that there are horror elements in this game. Jump scares!


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And finally the Boss fight. Let's kick ass! 


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I hope you enjoyed it. More Bloodborne content will arrive!