Borderlands 3: Finally!

Submitted by Roman on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 01:18


Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3

- I love the graphical style


With the technology we have today. With the potential to make games extremely realistic. I can appreciate games like Borderlands that have a fantastic cartoonish look to it. It creates an opportunity to add characters that would not have been possible in a ultra realistic game. 


First Borderlands was released in 2009. Borderlands 2 followed shortly thereafter in 2011.


That was 8 years ago. Since the release of the original Borderlands 2 we have seen several releases. There are of course DLCs but also a VR (virtual reality) release. I am pretty certain that it has not been that hard on the team at Gearbox Software, but there has been a Telltale release of Borderlands as well. Point is, we have seen a lot of releases coming from this franchise.


Now we finally get Borderlands 3!


Take a look at the trailer below. It is the official announcement trailer.




The different characters that are found in the Borderlands franchise is really something. There are of course games with crazy characters but since Borderlands has been around since 2009 with several releases. They have a large number of them. How about the little girl that now has gotten her own board game? Tiny Tina.


Tiny Tina




The character most of us think about when we hear the name Borderlands is perhaps the robot, Claptrap. He is always ready with a crazy comment to your actions. Or a problem that he expects you to solve.



Hah! Your master?



What will we see in Borderlands 3? What do you expect?