Borderlands 3 lived up to the hype

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Borderlands 3

- Lived up to insane expectations


When Bas mentioned the release of Borderlands 3 during the recording of The Fit Gamer Podcast episode 188. I was sort of surprised at it being released. It has felt as if Borderlands 3 have been mentioned every day for at least 8 months. In the stores, it has been featured for a long time. I wonder how many pre-orders they had for that game. It should have been a crazy amount.


To sum it up. This is more of Borderlands. Good or bad, it is more of similar content.


Difficult to get high scores with a sequel that is not reinventing completely

The scores at metacritic is not the highest. But at the same time, not bad at all. I looked at the scores for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They were 84, 81 and 78. If it would have been a completely new IP or if it would have been a reboot of a series that had had a break for 10+ years. I am guessing that the scores might have been higher.


Now I understand that there are people complaining on the lack of new graphics. Perhaps Borderlands 3 could have been released as a DLC for Borderlands 2. That is quite possible. A new story that is sold seperately as a DLC. But that would not have generated nearly the same amounts of money for the developers. And in the end, not enough money to keep developing new games that gamers can enjoy in the future. So there is always that motivation for certain releases not feeling 100% new and exciting. I am sure that the developers are satisfied with the scores on metacritic, with it being the third game in the series (with some other titles/DLC's being released in between as well).


Is the Borderlands franchise about graphics though?

Personally, I fail to see how the Borderlands franchise is about graphics at all. Not about trying to push the most advanced graphics at least. That would only make the game more demanding, forcing people to buy new setups to be able to play the game. The graphics is unique and is one major factor behind the success of Borderlands. As soon as you see the graphics (or similar graphics in another game), you will immediately think about Borderlands. Picturing Clap-Trap doing stupid sh*t, falling over on his face.


Elements important to understand

As I understand it from hearing people talking about this game, the elements is important. To know which enemies is weak towards certain weapons etc. Hopefully the backpack will fit a nice amount of different weapons. Just in case you run into a boss that is only weak to one of the elements.





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