Carmageddon Max Damage

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Carmageddon Max Damage - Let the mayhem begin!

Coming 8th of July for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One!


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It is back! Carmageddon! Read about the old games in the series below. Let's check out the game that is going to be released this summer! 

This is not the game that you buy for your children or grand children. As a matter of fact, don't put this in the hands of any young person that will drive a car in a neighborhood near you. This game will teach them to aim for pedestrians! They will try to wreck other vehicles they meet in the traffic! So do what any mature adult would do... 

Go into your office, tell the kids that you have important work to do. Then start Steam, purchase the game and install it. Let the mayhem begin! Because deep inside, you are still that little kid who wants to destroy shit!

The graphics in the game seems okay in the videos I'd say. This game is not competing against other games based on the graphical standards. They are going for the feeling of you being allowed to cause mayhem! And it looks like there will be some insane action! 

They seem to have managed to still have that fantastic engine sounds that was in Carmageddon Carpocalypse Now that I enjoyed back in the days. Will this be the game that takes me back into this series? If Sony can decide what the hell they are going to do with the whole PlayStation 4.5 business, then this might just be a game that will end up in my bookshelf!

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The announcement trailer


The release date trailer


This is just a video showing us that they do nuns!


History of the series

The original game Carmageddon was released back in 1997. It was to be the first game in a series of violent vehicular combat games. Imagine Mario Cart but not cute at all. Instead of shooting shells and farting rainbows you are killing pedestrians and your objective is to destroy your opponents.


It was before my time. The second game in the series was the one that I played quite a lot. Carmageddon Carpocalypse Now, It was released 1998, pretty close after the first one. I did not play it in 1998 though, it must have been around 2002. The year did not matter. I got to kill shit while driving a car! The graphics back then was nothing that I complained about. Video games back then was not like they are today. I played a racing game on a keyboard back then which made the steering quite difficult. So I figured that the lack of driveability was because of that.

I haven't played a Carmageddon game since then. And when I watch the other games on Youtube I am happy I did not play them. They kind of feel like the same game. The enviroments was not great when I compare it to games created at the same year. The latest release (back in 2015) was Carmageddon Reincarnation. It was actually founded by a kickstarter campaign, which indicates that they were more like the indie games are today. When not competing with the same budgets as the big names in the business I suppose that the production team prioritised correctly. F*** the graphics! Let's go with the feel! Because this is a game based on a feeling rather than the graphical superiority of its competitors. 

By watching videos of Reincarnation it looks like the vehicles are actually controllable. And I saw that some amazing modes are still in the game like the Pinball Mode. Every race participant becomes like a pinball and bounces against everything it touches. A gamechanger! Stuff like that are the reasons to play the game. 

Would I recommend this game?

Now there is a new game coming out as well. Like this article started out with. I would not recommend this game to the general gamer. It is a certain personality that play these games. You can't really be competitive like you can in Project Cars. You can't play it with all of your friends like Mariocart because some will just consider the game to be offensive and full of unnecessary gore. There is a video full of the player killing nuns for gods sake! Over and over again! A nun in a bloody wheelchair. 

This is a game to be played casually when you want to kill off an hour or so.