Caution: Black Friday sales might be "fake"

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 21:47




Caution: Black Friday sales might be "fake"

- Some items have been at a lower price during 2018



There have been reports of certain items on the sales not actually being at a cheap price compared to previous prices during 2018. There are ways to see the price of an item in the past. I guess that most countries have a service similar to pricerunner where you can compare prices on different items online.

Apparently it is possible to see prices historically and see if it really is a great deal you are getting on Black Friday or not.



Are you looking for anything specific?

A completely new setup?

Adding another piece to the puzzle?


Personally I have been looking at gaming keyboards. I haven't really spent any money on a proper one in recent years. Too many fancy features is just a pain though. More things that can break. Different ways of changing the audio etc have been messing with me in the past. I am looking for something mechanical, but still simple.