League of Legends patched! No more OP-Swain?!

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 07/18/2018 - 17:57


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Patch 8.14 released for League of Legends

- Perhaps now it is more important than ever




What will happen to the meta?

Since the last patch we have pretty much seen ”anything goes”. Now they have released a patch where they are trying to balance it out. Have you found something that have worked great for you in this wild west period?


Take a look at the patch notes and see if this will change anything for you. You can find them here.




We all saw a nerf of Swain coming

Swain had his ultimate nerfed. That was pretty much expected since he has been such a powerful champion in the last couple of weeks.


As Swain has become popular we have seen few traditional AD carries being played. Perhaps that will change now? Vayne for one has been buffed pretty significantly. Beside the buff on Vayne, there have been some changes that will boost some ADC's health. They are facing tougher opponents in the botlane now.


I have seen some crazy Quinn stuff top lane. Perhaps that will be less efficient with the nerf of Stormrazor. That was something that people built on her.



Have you noticed that a lot of people are playing Teleport? Now the cooldowns have been extended for that skill. Both the one for using it and the one that will kick in if you cancel your Teleport.



The re-worked Aatrox have been powerful. Is that about to end?

Aatrox have been really popular lately. And I must say that he often becomes a force to be reckoned with during the games. I wonder if that will continue. There seems to be a lot of negative changes to Aatrox in this patch.

Just the fact that the re-cast timer on his Q is paused while reviving. If you could use the revive moment to regain the cooldown before, then it might be devastating to lose that damage once you are alive again. Looking at his kit, not having Q while respawning makes a huge difference.



There were a lot more changes in the patch. If you are interested to see it all, just follow the link in the beginning of this text.



What do you think about the changes?

Will they affect the champion or lane you play?