Looking for co-op titles for PlayStation 4?

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Couch Co-Op PS4


Looking for co-op titles for PS4?

- Here are some of the ones I have tried


Ever since I got my PlayStation 4, the goal have always been to find good co-op titles. It have been more difficult than I would have imagined. I have found a few and I will try to rate them and give some comments to them in this text.

These are co-op titles for the PlayStation 4. I am however certain that a lot of them are available for other systems as well. I am thinking about the Xbox One which often have the same titles as the PlayStation 4.


ARK: Survival Evolved

This game is a survival crafting game. It is quite difficult to play it with a friend on the same screen. Whenever someone is crafting, there can be lags. And the menus are really hard to navigate. The size of the text is really small and the icons are not self explainatory. Whenever I played it with a friend it must have looked really stupid since one of us often stood up and walked up to the TV in order to read the crafting menus.

I believe that there are a lot of mods for the PC version of this game. Some of those mods will make it possible to build buildings etc a lot easier. It is really difficult to build it on the original version, which means PlayStation 4. If the ground is not completely level, the floor tiles will not match. And on a freaking island, smooth surfaces is hard to find!




7 Days To Die

This is a game that is really similar to ARK. The big difference is that there are no dinosaurs but zombies instead. Unfortunately there are a lot of the same problems. Whenever one person is in the crafting menu. The other player often experience lags. Those lags is so bad that it might get you killed when facing a zombie.

Besides the obvious letdown with lags. It is a game that I consider a great co-op experience. I spoke with people who play this game on PC and they are not experience lag issues. My conclusion is that the split-screen is the issue.





This is a real classic. No need to explain it further. I have not experienced any issues with lags in this game when playing split-screen.




Resident Evil 2: Revelations

This game was great. It gave us a lot of entertainment. We got to play different characters. The positives of that is how we got to solve problems differently depending on which character we were playing for the moment. We did not become bored of just having the same set of options during the entire game. And don't worry. If you are scared of horror games. When you play with a friend, sitting next to you. It is a lot less scary!




The LEGO series

I have not played them all. But I assume that they are pretty much the same. I did play Hobbit for quite a few hours. And I have played a little bit of Jurassic Park. It is difficult to rate this game since it is so obviously aimed towards a young audience. It is small puzzles to solve, a lot of things to smash. You gather parts in order to build things and you do that with matching parts in what can be considered to be a mini-game.

I would recommend this to parents first of all. They can have a game that is a little bit of fun for them and their kids will most likely love playing a game alongside the parent.




Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

This is an FPS shooter. That genre on a console is connected with some issuesto begin with. It is not the easiest task to use a controller to move and aim at the same time. But you will get used to it. What is special about this shooter is the fact that you can play the story mode or campaign (whatever you choose to call it) together. Entering a room full of enemies is always fun when you are playing with a friend and can come up with crazy ideas. You can choose between different weapon sets in this game and change them during a mission. That allows for a lot of fun tactics to be executed. I wouldn't dream of playing it with an A.I companion however.




Troll and I

Not a game I would recommend. Before I played it I thought it looked like a really nice game. The issue however was the controls and the camera. If you are having problems with games where the controllers might be a bit awkward. Then maybe you should stay away from this game. But if you just want a cute adventure to play with a friend. I guess this might be a game to play. To be fair. There are not that many co-op adventures out there.




Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

This is a game that I haven't played a lot on my PlayStation 4. I have played the original game a lot on PC however. When I purchased it for my PS4 we had a lot of other games to play at the moment, it just haven't been played a lot. The part that we have played as co-op was running smooth however. It is what you would expect from a Borderlands title. It is crazy comedy mixed with fast paced action. There are a big variety of guns and quite a few elements to keep track on. You can always play it without paying too much attention to them but you can also go balls deep and become an expert with all the elements. Knowing which element every enemy is weak against. It will make the fights a lot shorter, I promise you that.




Divinity: Original Sin

This is not a new game now. There is a sequel released already. It is a game that can not be skipped if you are a fan of the genre. If you ever played Baldur's Gate on PC. Then you know that this is a game that you will love. It is countless of hours of gameplay. An insane amount of dialogue. Customize your gaming experience based on which characters you choose to play and which characters to invite to your party.

Turn-based combat system. Perfect when you want to discuss tactics in co-op mode. How do you decide who will play the healer? Arm wrestling?




A Way Out

I have written about my first impressions of this game in a seperate article. It can be found here. So far, a few hours in. I love this game. It is not just co-op. It is co-op ONLY. Have you heard about that before? There are a lot of games that have added co-op as a feature but you can tell right away that it was just something that they added last minute to have another feature. When a game is made from scratch to be co-op, you can tell.



I think that was the games I have to write about for the moment. There are countless of trailers on Youtube if you consider the one we have chosen here to be lacking anything that you wishes to see from the game. I hope this article have been helpful. Enjoy your co-op experience!