Blizzcon is done! Diablo fans are... Not happy

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 11/04/2018 - 11:19


Diablo Immortal

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Diablo Immortal: A mobile game

- Initially really negative reactions from the community 


I was one of many that was hoping to see a big Diablo announcement. Weeks before Blizzcon there were items available for purchase in their online stores. Amongst other things there were shirts with the image of Diablo himself and the text ”Reign of Terror”.


Obviously we got our hopes up. Waiting for either a big announcement regarding Diablo 4 or a big expansion to Diablo 3. But it does not seem like that will happen. I read somewhere that someone had made a statement regarding those items. Claiming that it was just common merchandise for the series and not connected with any upcoming releases.


Then when I woke up on Sunday I noticed that there was a Diablo game coming out after all. But it is not for PlayStation 4. It is for mobile devices!


First thought was that it was going to be something like a Pokémon game. I read somewhere that it would be a MMOARPG, where I figured that the A would stand for augmented reality in some way. Where you gather resources in the real world. But no. If you take a look at the trailers, especially the gameplay trailer. You see that it is actually a similar game to Diablo 3 but on your phone. Bye bye battery?


There will even be multiplayer, taking down bosses together. The graphics in the trailer looks insane if you consider the fact that it is intended to be played on a mobile phone.








How much will it cost?

How demanding will it be?

Do you need a powerbank just to survive the commute to school while playing the game?

Can you play offline and then have the achievements uploaded later or will you need a constant connection to the Internet?

The questions are many. I am sure that some answers are already out there and the rest will come later.



Not a positive response from the community

People, like myself, was hoping for a big announcement regarding Diablo 4 or more content for Diablo 3. Fans are talking about how Diablo is losing touch with it's original ideas. Instead of going for a big quality game for PC and console, like the franchise has been all about. It is collaborating with an asian company to release a mobile game. Are they smelling the money in the mobile market?


On Youtube, where the announcement trailers are found, the amount of down votes are insane. There are 27 times more negative votes than positive at this point.



Overall, I believe that it is just down to poor communication. If the fans had not expected news about a PC/console release, then they would not have been as upset as they are. Like I said, this release looks really good for being a mobile game judging by the gameplay trailer.