Divinity: Original Sin 2

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 08/29/2017 - 09:41


Divinity Original Sin 2

Image from Steam


Divinity: Original Sin 2

- Soon to be released!




It is time to hype Divinity: Original Sin II

- It releases on September the 14th


Certain games deserve to be hyped due to previous achievements. This is probably one of those games. I have only scratched the surface of the first game since I purchased it for PlayStation 4. But I really think it is a brilliant game.

Now we can purchase the second game in the series as early access and it is soon to be released. How about September 14th, that is barely two weeks from now. Judging by the user reviews on Steam this is a great game. And considering it is early access it sounds as if they actually managed to keep the players happy through the early access period. We have seen developers releasing a potential success as early access and then the game end up dead in the end.


This game seems to focus on the story, how about these stats I heard somewhere?

- 1 million words.

- 74 000 lines of dialogue.


Someone have spent a lot of time writing the story for this game.



Which platforms?

As far as I understand this game will be available for Xbox, PS4 and PC. No matter how much I enjoy playing PC games. This is one of those games that you spend a lot of hours playing and it is a slow game. It is perfect for playing in your living room couch! And it appears as if it will have four player split screen co-op as well. That means it is one of the few new games that I will be able to play on my PS4 with friends.

Every game has online co-op nowadays but they tend to leave couch co-op behind.



Do I believe it will be good?

This is a definite buy in the future. Not at launch, I have plenty of games to play already. But definitely on PS4 and definitely something I will pick up later. Since I will wait, I will most likely get a good price at some sale as well. Win-win situation for me.

Right now the game is 45 euros at steam. But there is a chance that it is because the game is in early access. If you are certain that you want to buy the game for PC, maybe there is a point in making a purchase while it is in early access? The developers probably know that they will still sell a lot of copies even if they choose to sell the game for 60 euros at launch. We will have to see what they choose to do.

Usually I would tell you to wait since it is still in early access but since it is this close to launch I guess that they can't ruin that much in just 2 weeks, right?