Double Discount in PlayStation Store

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 10:12


PlayStation Store



Double Discount on the PlayStation Store

- Don't miss it!


Right now, before the 22nd of March there is a double discount waiting for you in the PlayStation Store. At least it was for me, which makes me think it should at least be for the entire EU store. Check out your store to see if this applies to your region. It was not just the fact that it was a few games on sale, with double discount. The games themselves were huge titles. Not the brand new ones, but some of the titles which usually are expensive as fuck are now available at great prices.

Watch the video below to hear me talk about it.





If you for some reason can't watch the video, here are the important dates.


PlayStation Plus Membership ~1 euro ends at 14th of March

The Double Discount does however last until the 22nd of March


Insane amounts of money to save if you are lucky and there are some games that you want. I think the total said something like 250 euros but I only paid 65 euros for the games I purchased.