How Dragon Age should be

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Dragon Age Origins

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This is the Dragon Age I want to see

- Dragon Age: Romanish



Go back in time

The lore is massive in Dragon Age. At least I assume so since there has been quite a few games already and they are all filled with different stories. Stories that go way back for generations. If the developers would use the history and go back in time, there are some new stories to tell I am sure. I understand that there would be some hardcore fans that might be able to anticipate a lot of the story. But at the same time, I believe that it could definitely be interesting to play through the history that you have only read about before.

Take a look at Star Wars. They have played around with different ages several times and succeeded. I hope that they decide to use the lore that they have at their disposal.



It could potentially be a cheap game to try

Use DLC's. Focus on a couple of different races. Like they did in Dragon Age Origins. You could start as a dwarf, elf or a human in that game. The game could be sold as an entire package, like a season pass where you will get all the DLC's. But in case people are hesitant towards the game, they could just buy one of the campaigns and give it a go. If they like it they can purchase the season pass to get access to all of the other campaigns or pick and choose which ones to get.

By doing this they will be able to get more players than they normally would and for most people, it will just be like buying a normal game but it will be called ”Dragon Age + Season Pass”.



Each campaign has a capital

Just like World Of Warcraft is using capitals of different races. I would love to see something similar. It would be a capital for the dwarfs and a few towns and villages nearby. That way they would be able to create a lot of different stories within the starting areas. Are you living in the castle? Are you brought up on one of the small farms outside of the capital? Dragon Age have done this in the past. Where you got to choose if you were born into the royal families or if you were dirt poor, living in the streets basically. It adds a dimension and a replay value. Having this for several different races as well gives the game a really big replay value.



Main world

A game with different races and starting areas often becomes reptetitive once you enter the main world. The same objectives and story line regardless of which race you chose from the beginning. This could be changed into something living, dynamic. Imagine if there is a time in the lore where the world is unstable. The different races are scheming to gain power. Each race would have different ways to manage this and that would create a unique line of quests and missions for each playthrough. The game does not become repetitive at all even though you are playing the game for the 5th time.




I can't see how it is an issue to implement multiplayer. Probably it is just something that the franchise has not done in the past and that it will be an effort to implement it. But I would love to see them try. Instead of choosing how different characters in your party will react to certain situations during a fight. A friend could play one of the characters. The level of tactics that you can use in a fight increases extremely by having co-op.

It can't be that difficult to add, right?

Another thing regarding the multiplayer. It would be fine if it is a pre-determined duo. As long as you get to choose which classes to play, it would be okay. The thing with having a set duo is the interaction between the characters. They could prepare long diaglogues with sarcastic comments, friendly banter. I love when characters in my party interacts, joking around with each other. It adds to the story. They could remind each other about memories in the past etc.


To have couch co-op in a console game like this is crucial for me when I choose which games to purchase.



Now how about that! This is a Dragon Age I would love to play!