Dreams are more important than sleep..

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Dreams are more important than sleep

- Sometimes you got to make sacrifices



Ever heard anyone say that sleep is important?

Well, I'd say that dreams are more important. Some dreams won't be achieved unless you make sacrifices. There will probably be times where sleep is one thing that is sacrificed. Don't take it too far however. Lack of sleep can be dangerous! I am talking about making priorities in different periods of your life. 


I am in that place in life where sleep is something that I sacrifice in order to take care of work, family and and everyday chores at the house. At the same time as I am trying to get my workouts done, fix things with Zonezter and enjoy a bit of gaming.


You all know what you need. I can sleep 5 hours certain nights and then have a short nap during the day if I really need to. Certain days I can sleep longer, let's say 9 hours to get some of that lost sleep back. I know that I would not feel okay if I were to skip workouts in order to sleep more. I need my workouts to feel good.



Sacrifices are crucial for achieving dreams... 

It does not have to be related to sleep at all. 


So what I am saying is that if you have a dream. It will take sacrifices. If it is something you want to be good at, perhaps you need to give up some social activities in order to practice. If it is something within sports. Then maybe you will have to adjust your way of life a little bit different than what society usually tells you to act. Less parties, less fast food and less TV. Every dream can be achieved in a number of ways. Noone can choose which path you will take.


Ask any successful indie developer out there. I bet that they had to give up a lot in order to develop their game at the same time as they lived their ordinary life with a regular job to pay the bills etc. If you have a dream, it is not considered to be hard work for your mind and body to strive towards it. You will feel rewarded along the way as you reach small goals leading up to the big dream.