EA-Access for PlayStation 4

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 05:46


EA Access

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EA-Access coming to PS4

- Just another thing to pay for or a chance to play more games?



It is happening on the 24th of July.


What does this mean for the PlayStation users? Positive or negative?


This is not something that they just came up with. It has already been around PC and Xbox for some time now. I am not worried about the quality at all. The prices sounds okay as well. Since there are different prices for different currencies. I will not mention a specific number, but if you pay for an entire year it sounds like you will get it for a really great price.



What do you get from this EA-Access?


You will get...

...access to a library of games from EA

...discounts on EA games

...access to selected games prior to the official release date as a trial period or something




Another fee to play for PlayStation? I already pay a monthly fee!

This won't affect anything for you. At least I can't see it happening. You can still purchase games from the PlayStation Store as usual, get the games from your PlayStation Plus subscription each month or pick up physical copies in a store. No worries.




I guess it depends. If you are not a fan of EA titles then I see no reason to join a hype train. But if you do, then this might be great ^_^