Elderborn: Heavy metal melee madness

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 10/13/2018 - 11:56



Image from the presskit


Elderborn: Early access release on Steam

- A game where strength matters


When reading the information that the developers have added to Steam. I understand that this game is supposed to be a skill-based game where you need to be good with a melee weapon. The weapons are not just melee, they are ancient. Your opponents seems to be mostly skeletons. I haven't played it yet. So this text is me guessing a lot judged by the images, trailers and texts on their official website.


This game might definitely stand out from the crowd. Since it is a first person melee game.


Take a look at the trailer below. The graphics reminds me of Quake or something. Dark dungeons where the textures are not as detailed as Red Dead Redemption 2 but where the graphics does its job. We are talking about an indie game here, not a billion dollar studio production.







The Steam page does not say that it is a difficult game but the words: ”relive the old-school feeling of a game that doesn't hold your hand” suggests so.

That indicates that it is not a game with checkpoints every 3 minutes. If you fail, you will feel it. At least that is the way I interpret it. Because let me tell you, back in the days. There were no save points. None. Not a single one. When your parents yelled about it being dinner time. You had to start over from scratch after dinner.


It appears as if music will be a big part of the experience as well. And not just any music. Heavy metal music. Sort of fitting since you will be swinging metal objects around like a mad man. Another thing about the game that I read on their official website was the thought of it being demanding like Dark Souls. And.. Wait for it. Colorful like My Little Pony! Now that is a mix!

The Dark Souls part does point to a difficult game as well.



The more I read about the game, the more interested I become. I can really appreciate when games are implementing music and not just something that is playing silently in the background. There are plenty of indie games where the music is a big part of creating the atmosphere. Listening to angry heavy metal music while swinging your melee weapons could really be a great experience. I can't get past the fact that I think it would be great for VR. Since the graphics themselves are definitely doable in VR and a melee FPS is also something that would be a great fit.