EURO 2016 Final

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France vs. Portugal








Two nations that in my mind are wildcards in a sense. They do have a lot of talented technical players. But they have not always delivered. It might be a battle between the two number 7's on the pitch. Ronaldo have a good setup around him. He has not scored and won every game for Portugal. But he is still the man who get much attention, opening up for teammates.

Griezmann is a completely different story. Going strong and has scored a lot of goals during this tournament already. As a youngster being rejected from the french academy's, he moved to spain at a young age. Now he is back in France and the crowd get to see what he has learned during his training in Spain.



France have been having issues with the squad over the years, having a lot of drama. Now they seem to be better and on their own home soil. Like in 1998 they seem to thrive when playing in front of their home crowd. And the french people are great hosts for the tournament.  


+ for France

Players showing great form during the tournament

Good options on the bench offensively

Goalkeeper having a good tournament

Solid central midfielders


- for France

Defense can have weaknesses



Cristiano Ronaldo is the super star. Noone can have missed that. For some reason people have not seen him as a leader until now. I don't understand why they haven't to be honest. Leading by example is not enough? They do have a  lot of power and finesse in the attacking part of the team. How is the defense? They managed to get to the finals without winning a game and even pass through the first round by winning on penalties. Last time they were in a final was 2004 in Portugal in the Euro 2004. That time they lost against Greece. I bet that the players who were a part of that team wants to win this time!


+ for Portugal

A lot of skilled attacking players, on the bench as well.

Ronaldo! Drawing a lot of attention from defenders and that leaves openings for players such as Nani and Quaresma. Also brilliant players.

Solid performances during this tournament. They can play very well and some games they can lose or play badly against poor opponents. During this tournament they have done what they have needed to do though. Will they continue? They will need to play better than they have done previously in this tournament. They did come from the weaker bracket. Now they are facing France, who came through the toughest bracket and comes from a victory against Germany. Their confidence will be sky high. 


- for Portugal

If the result starts to go against Portugal, will they be able to keep fighting as a team? Or will the individual stars go on solo raids trying to win.



It is actually hard to attack the teams, finding weaknesses. They are the two teams that has made it to the final. They deserve it. I believe that some technical solo number will be the difference today. If one team get a goal early, that will change the game in their favor. 

If the goal comes early it might end up being 2-0 to either team. That is not a very good prediction is it? If I have to guess a winning team I would say that France are the team to win this. With the home crowd cheering for them, they are stronger than usual. And if the portuguese play well, the crowd will make the french team come back!