F1 2016 announces great features

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F1 2016

Manual starts, safety car and formation laps will be features in this release that is due 19th of August. The thing that made me read about the game was this however, multiplayer support for 22 players! Does it sounds like a definite chaos at the first turn to you? Sure does to me. 


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So it is a new game. The 2016 edition of the F1 series. I was surprised actually since I am used to the 2016 edition of the games are released in November of 2015 or something. I have played a few of the games from the F1 series and I like them a lot. The thing is about these games compared to other racing games is the difficulty level. Personally I would hate to play a game with F1 cars where I can drift through the turns and win a race. That is too unrealistic and when playing an F1 game - I want realism.

That means I am spending more time in the fucking sand pits beside the track than on the actual track. And I don't play them enough to be able to learn how to drive without all the assists like anti-spin etc. 


Another thing about F1 games. You can drive 3 laps and then the race is over. If you want realism, you want to drive for a long fucking time and plan pit stops in order to gain advantages against your opponents that are forced to make an extra stop etc. Sounds boring to the general gamer, I know. But that is F1 to me. 


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What about these new features.

Will they bring anything good to the game?

Manual starts

As far as I understand this is huge. In every F1 game I have ever played it has worked like this. When the race starts you simply push the gas to the max 1 second before the lights turn green. Here you will be able to mess it up and start early. It is manual! This might seem like something that is just a pain in the ass since the AI won't have any problems with this. But come on. It is not about playing the AI in this game. Did you not read the first lines of this article? Multiplayer against 21 other human players! The chances that all 22 players will be able to not drive away too early are basically zero. It will be a lot of restarts I believe and penalties for the ones failing. And for the ones that know the tecnique to get a good start, they will win a good position for the first turn which is vital in a game about F1. 

I must say though that I got the feeling that they have thought about this and have a solution. I did not understand it fully though but it sounds like there won't be a lot of restarts. I imagine there will be something like if you fail, you will get stuck as a ghost car or something to allow cars behind you to pass through you. That is just a guess however.


22 player multiplayer

We wandered into this feature, so let's talk about it straight away. With the good Internet connections now available across the globe, these features will become the new trend I believe. Facing AI is fun, sure. But compared to being able to play against real players without issues of the Internet connection deciding the winner is priceless. Sure I understand that there will be problems with certain players ruining the game for others but I guess that there will be different ranks and the people who are getting a lot of warnings/penalties in the races will get a low rank. That way the players that behave and drive properly will face other players that play the same way. 

I already mentioned the starts. That might be a hilarious thing at first but after a while I think it can be quite annoying. Another thing that will be a big issue is how the warnings and penalties will be awarded. Will they be able to determine whose fault it is when two cars collide? My guess is that there will always be incidents when the driver getting the penalty will become angry thinking it was not their fault. 


Formation lap

This seems to be a chance to build up the tension to the race that is coming and actually understanding the value of warming up the tires.


Safety car & manual pit stops

These are features that requires the player to pay attention at what is happening around them. If you get caught with speeding inside the pit area you will get a penalty. I assume that you will have to be really careful when the safety car is driving ahead of you as well. Don't try to crash it! I know you want to, but it is probably a bad idea!



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I think this will be one of the games that i will play a lot when I get a PlayStation 4. For some reason I prefer to play racing games on a console. For several reasons. It feels relaxing to sit in the sofa and if I have to rage I can hit the sofa. There are no screen, keyboard or mouse that will brake!


Check it out! The release date is set to the 19th of August 2016.