Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 head

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Fallout 76

- Supposed to be a massive game






So when I was going to read a bit deeper into this game, I was surprised. It appears as it will be a lot more online focused than I anticipated. But I will start this text from the beginning and we will get to that part. I will probably sound really negative towards this game. Let's just say I am trying to see the game from all angles. We can't all just hype everything because of the obvious fantastic things. Superior graphics. A huge open-world game etc. There are positives in this text. I have hidden them at the bottom. So don't forget to scroll down.



Fallout 76 is a prequel. Vault 76 is the first vault that was built ”just in case” war broke out. As I interpret this, all the other Fallout stories have not happened yet. Does this mean that we will know the ending of this game? If you have played all of the previous titles and know the story like the back of your hand. Will you already know what to expect?

With the concept of an online game. It feels like the story won't be as central as it perhaps have been in previous titles. 




”every surviving human is a ”real person”. Work together – or not – to survive.”

- Quote from bethesda.net


Are you for real?


Is this an MMO?

What about the story driven game that I wanted? Where you had the possibility to invite a couple of friends to survive with? Will there be other players around that will just pop out of nowhere and blow my head off?



Fallout 76 open

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What if I can't stand people?

Reclamation day 2102. Apparently 25 years have passed since the bombs fell. Now on the Bethesda website it says ”play solo or band together as you explore”. Can I play solo without having to interact with the rest of the world? What if I can't stand people?


It does sounds like it is a World of Warcraft but Fallout style. Exploration. Questing. Fighting the wasteland's greatest threats. Unlike World of Warcraft, Star Wars or Anthem. Will there be instances with 5 people? Will someone be able to play some sort of healer? Even though there are a lot of information out there. There are many questions. 



When compared to Fallout 4, I heard that it is supposed to be four times the size. Fallout 4 was not a game that you finished in 3 hours. It was big. But if this is an MMO, I suppose there will be an endless amount of content.

Will they be able to host that based on a ”one-time purchase” though? I smell some way to keep making money down the line.



Launch date: November 14 2018

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PC




Let's hype the idea of a Fallout MMO


Without having that much information about how it will actually work. This is some positive words about how I expect it to be.


I understand that most people that have followed this franchise is super excited about this release. This is what they have dreamt about for such a long time. A game that does not end. A game that you can play together with your friends. Re-build from the nuclear devastation.


Head out on an expedition. Explore the wasteland. Find amazing environments. Defeat big monsters. I can definitely see why people would love to spend countless of hours in a game such as this.

I used to spend most of my awake hours in Azeroth. But if this would have been around at that time. Then maybe, just maybe. I would have been scavenging Bethesda's world instead of farming for gear in various dungeons in World of Warcraft. If this game is going to be a game for you or not will probably be decided based on how much time you are willing to spend on it.


Whenever there are games that are online, you sort of have to be online regularely in order to protect what is yours. Or not to fall behind. They tend to develop the games to make people log on at least once a day to perform some quests that will give extra rewards.

And in order to make it easier on the servers, there are often bonuses for being offline for a couple of hours as well. Or do you think that they are more concerned with people taking the time to eat and sleep?


I expect there to be much entertainment for you if you have the time to invest in this game. Will you be one that will build your own base and fous on that? Or will you be running around trying to sabotage for other players. Well, sabotage sounded harsh. Are you more into PvP? That is perhaps a better way to put it.


When I first saw Fallout 76 teasers. I assumed it would be some sort of mini-game just to keep the franchise alive and fresh. Oh man, was I wrong. This is so much better.