First Impression: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Submitted by Roman on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 21:44


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First impression: Divinity: Original Sin 2


This is a game that I have played on my new laptop. That means a small screen but it is a powerful machine created for gaming.


When launching the game for the first time, I was really excited. All the good things I have heard about this game. As the develoeper logos flashed before my eyes on start up. My memories from Baldur's Gate on PC came over me. My expectations on this game is sky high.


I decided to create a warrior simply because that it sounded like a simple character to start out with. It is also a class I felt familiar with after playing the first Divinity: Original Sin a bit. The skills I could choose from the start is the same in this game as it was in the first game.


I have played through the first part of the intro and I am still as excited as I was when starting the game. The amount of dialogue implemented in this game is insane!


If you want to hear a discussion about this game. We did talk a lot about it during our episode of The Fit Gamer Podcast – episode 118. At that time, Bas had played the game and we had plenty to talk about. The episode can be found on Zonezter in the Podcast section or Spotify or wherever you find podcasts nowadays.



Image from Steam.


There are so many choices to make and they all matter as you meet people later in the game. Will you start out as a character with a noble background or someone who fought your way through the tough neighborhoods?