Boiled food is healthy. Not like eating a piece of charcoal. It can be done easily as well.
Stay healthy! Being sick will steal time and energy from whatever goal you are working towards.
There are tons of things to consider when starting to work out. But most of those things will be completely useless if you don't consider this...
Sounds like the easiest thing ever. To eat a lot of calories. It is for sure! But at the same time as you gain weight, perhaps you want to eat other things than pizzas or other fast food.
The first supplement in a series of texts trying to explain a bit about the different supplements that is available.
On the swedish news I saw a piece they did on "Sweeteners make you more fat than regular sugar". I was furious after watching it. Here is why!
Despite the fact that the winter is over, I would still suggest adding vitamin D to your diet.
Bas & Roman from Zonezter does have a podcast as you might have seen by now. In order to improve, there might be a few changes coming up soon.
Motivation is best when it comes from within. With the motivation, we still need something to get us started. A small push in the correct direction. Some pointers to lead us in the new world we want to be a part of.