Issues with The Forest on PS4

Submitted by Roman on Fri, 06/28/2019 - 04:58


The Forest

Image from Steam



The Forest PS4

- We have some serious issues



Before you read the rest of this text. There is one thing that you need to understand. It is really important. I am serious right now.


This is the BEST game that we have played so far that is CO-OP, Survival, Crafting on PlayStation 4. Just last night I was really hyped when crawling my way through dark caves, looking for useful items that will help me find Timmy. The atmosphere is awesome.


As you understand, these issues are experienced while playing multiplayer The Forest on PlayStation 4. We are playing online on one PS4 each, but we sit in the same house. The Internet Connection should not be an issue, it is pretty much 100/100 Mbit – using cables and not wireless.



Let's see if anyone else can recognize these issues.





This is not something that is guarenteed apparently. When both players have activated the ”sleep mode” in a shelter. The screen shows ”2/2 sleeping”. But nothing is happening! We are forced to stay awake all night long. There are no mutants nearby that should disturb the sleep since we are safe in our camp when this happens.


Anyone else?




Can't see walls, bases – you name it!

Every time a new game session starts and a save file is loaded. The non-host have issues with seeing walls, bases and other things built by players. This means that until the walls, protecting the camp are functioning. The non-host is forced to slowly move around, making sure that every piece of wall is popping up from the ground.

Until that is done, it appears as if the walls are not there and mutants can walk freely through them.


Anyone else?





Boats are really broken so far. Here are a few issues.


Using a fire to cook something on a boat.

Works well until the boats starts moving, then whatever is placed on the fire will be dropped into the water.


Attaching the music player on the boat.

As soon as the boat starts moving, the music player stays where it was placed. Not on the boat, but in the water. Standing on a stick, in the water.


Fires not seen by both players. Not useful to both players, one might freeze to death even though they are really standing right next to a fire that is warming the other player.


Meat on drying racks inside a boat. Clearly visible but we are unable to interact with them.



Anyone else?


The Forest boat

Image from Steam. Inside the yacht.



Loot respawning - For one player only

For the non-host, there are a lot of loot respawning on the map. But the host can't see or pick up any of it. The yacht is a place where it respawns for both players, but there are few places like it.





These are gates that are built in defensive walls to protect the camp from mutants. They are doors, allowing us to safely pass through either on our way out from safety or during intense situations where we are desperately trying to flee into the safety of our camp. While something big and scary is chasing us.


This happen way too often. I approach the gate. I press ”X” to open the gate. The sound of the animation is playing, as if the door would open. But the door stays shut! Pressing ”X” repeatedly won't always help either. Sometimes I can press it 15 times and the door still won't open. It appears as if waiting for it to open works. But there is no telling how long time it takes before it opens. The delay from pressing the "X"-button can be the difference between life and death.


Anyone else?


The Forest Wall

Image from Steam. A defensive wall with a gate. The kind that can be troublesome.



This game was in early access for a couple of years. It always seemed to develop just fine. I got the game very early and for the years to come, every time I logged on – it seemed like there were new features added to the game. What happened after the 1.0 release?


These issues that we experience can mean death, simply because of a bug. A door not opening etc. Are they working on these things? Are other people experiencing these issues? Can't say that I have noticed any of these issues in other games. Meaning it should not be the connection.