As if we did not already know it. But with numbers like this. I believe that major players from the broadcasting networks and the Olympics should be interested in the business.
It sounds like the industry intends to stick with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X for a while. It is probably a good thing. Hear me out..
The team behind A Way Out are apparently already working on a new project. Josef Farez announced it using Twitter.
Will this help your VR gaming experience?
Coming this summer. Build your own theme park with living dinosaurs. Make sure that the visitors does not turn into fast food.
The games for March will be tough to beat, but it could have been worse.
I have played a few hours of A Way Out. Here are my first impressions.
For some reason people are yelling about how Luigi is shown in a new game from Nintendo. Some even used math in order to calculate the size of that thing.