I would not worry about it. It is losing players it never had to begin with if you ask me.
There are changes made to several modes in the game but personally I can only speak about the ones made in Blackout. That is what I play.
This is an interesting indie title that releases on March 12.
I am looking forward to trying The Witness. A game that was released when the indie scene was growing and we got to see more games creating an atmosphere by having their own graphical style.
This is not the time for PUBG to have issues. Apex Legends are coming really strong, looking to steal the players from PUBG.
How to classify this game? Which games are competing against Apex Legends?
I only care about the Blackout changes at this point. Which means that I won't try to tell you about the rest. Let's talk Blackout!
Sony have decided to increase our cloud storage space from 10Gb to 100Gb! Thanks a lot. There are some great games for February as well! Read more in this article.
If you are interested in the game. Nothing beats getting to try the game for yourself
Capcom seems to continue with great releases in the Resident Evil franchise.