This title was hyped a long time before the actual release. That is difficult since it will be difficult to live up to those expectations.
There are high expectations on the story. And with the developers reputation, I believe that we will not be disappointed.
More than a week have passed... People wait in line for hours just to log on. How long will people put up with this? How come this 15 year old game all of a sudden is the hottest thing on the market?
Fans will be able to play a few titles at their booth.
LCS have already started their playoffs, this weekend LEC is following. Don't miss it if you are looking for high level of League of Legends!
We are three days away from the release now. Rumours of full servers top the news headlines. Start the hype!
Current edition of the console will be replaced by a better one for the same price in the stores really soon.
It is here! Finally, a reason to play this game
EA-Access is coming for PlayStation 4 during July.