It is coming! Minecraft AR! Time to turn your house into a castle.
The Battle Royale scene as we know it today is probably the genre that will be affected the most by this streaming service that Google is working on.
The latest I hear, they are releasing the original soundtrack to be sold on discs. And from what I can tell, they have been selling quite a few copies since the game was released in 2018.
Competition to the monopoly of Steam is coming in 2019. Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite is interested in this market.
Is it a brilliant move to focus on the story mode? Not the most common feature in this genre.
Borderlands 3 is the next part in this huge franchise
This has the potential to change the way the videogame industry works.
Nintendo has announced a VR-ish solution. like the phone VR versions, you place the monitor in some sort of gadget on your head and will use it as a virtual reality headset.
I would not worry about it. It is losing players it never had to begin with if you ask me.
There are changes made to several modes in the game but personally I can only speak about the ones made in Blackout. That is what I play.