The reason Apex Legends fear Google Stadia

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The reason Apex Legends fear Google Stadia

- The Battle Royale games in particular might face new competition



Imagine the possibility for games to be ran right on the very servers that is running Google Stadia. I don't know if it was Google themselves that mentioned the idea but in fact, I think that this has been mentioned by staff members of Google.

It is a thought that is widely spread on the Internet at least. Gamers are dreaming about it rather than expecting it to happen any time soon. First of all, we have to see if they are able to pull this off.



Google Stadia had some early tests with a few games, Assassins Creed being one of them I believe. The subscription and streaming part of it all is not what I will write about in this text however. This text is more about the gaming part of it, not the amazing technology that will allow us to stream the hardware speccs across the Internet.



Battle Royale scene might die completely

Games that are fighting for the players today, Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite and whatever other games exist out there. There is a possibility that they will be sidelined completely if Google is successful.



What am I talking about?

- How would that happen?

Hear me out. It will be possible to play the regular Battle Royale games using the Google Stadia. Being able to play them without having an expensive setup at your own house. But a big issue with these games are that people can install external programs on their own setups, allowing cheating. I read somewhere that Apex Legends alone have banned more than 700 000 players so far. That game has not been around for that long!

They are free-to-play games. Cheaters will risk having to create a new account without a problem. But if the games were to be ran from the Google Stadia computers. There would be a lot harder to cheat. You would not be able to install anything that will affect the game itself. The only cheats that you would be able to use would be programs that read your monitor and then helps your aiming a bit. I assume that is similar to known cheats such as aimbot. The program can recognize certain things on your monitor and then your crosshair will be drawn towards it.


I am not talking about next year. Perhaps even not the year after that. This won't happen anytime soon, first people need to start using Google Stadia instead of buying their own powerful computers.



Who would be able to do this?

Do you think that Google is willing to sign a deal with a big developer?

Are the big developers prepared to gamble with this?


Are there any negatives for a developer that goes for this? Creating a game that is installed on the Google servers.

If it is a major company that would do this. Then I assume that they would not want to create a game that is only available for the Google Stadia users. That would limit their audience a lot. If they were to try to have the game both for Google Stadia users and for the ”normal gamers”. There might be big discussions regarding benefits for one or the other.


Will people outside of Stadia be able to cheat? Will they have less lag? Will the Google Stadia users have some kind of an advantage since they run the game straight from the servers? Those are a lot of questions that a big developer might not want to deal with. And if Google were to sign a deal with a big developer, they might have a harder time negotiating the terms that they really want.


There are plenty of questions. A lot of them will probably never be put to the test. I can imagine that a small developer would be perfect for the job. They would be happy to work with Google. Having access to the Google Stadia users would mean growth for their game. A guarentee for them. They don't have anything to lose in terms of the amount of players.

I bet that a lot of small developers have a dream of being able to challenge the big names in the Battle Royale genre. This just might be the way to do it.


Just throwing this thought out there. The guy behind a lot of the Battle Royale games in the past. Mr Player Unknown. If I remember correctly, he has left the PUBG team and is looking for new challenges. Since he have been involved in a lot of the previous Battle Royale games (H1Z1, PUBG and one more I believe). If I were to start a new game in this genre and implement it on the Google Stadia. Maybe I would contact this guy and see if he wants a new job.


Perhaps not right now but this has to be the future

Because, really. This has to be the future. Since the Internet grows constantly. We get faster connections. It becomes a lot more stable. It should not be impossible to make this the ”standard way of gaming”. If that happen (or when). What incentive would gamers have to run the old games when they can have a multiplayer game that is pretty much free from cheaters?

If a portion of the honest players move along to the new services then the normal free-to-play games will quickly become filled with cheaters. Not that there would be more cheaters than before but the percentage of cheaters would be higher.


These are my thoughts on how this might develop. Like I said, this won't happen this year. The current leaders of the genre have time to come up with a way to get ahead. Question is, will they do it? I might remember wrong about some facts in this text, if you feel like something is wrong. Write a comment down below and I will take a look at it.