Will Google compete with Sony & Microsoft?

Submitted by Roman on Wed, 07/04/2018 - 17:00


Google Logo


Will Google become more involved in gaming?

- And if so, how will that show?


Google is Google. They have the resources to achieve anything. They are already a bit involved with Youtube and the streaming services. There are rumours about something more however. People claim to have heard plans about investing more into the gaming world.


They do have Google Chrome. One rumour is regarding the possibility to play your games in a tab in Google Chrome. Sort of like GeForce Now works. You can run the games on another system and play it in your web browser on another monitor.


It this were to become true, there are so many things that would be possible. Imagine having direct access to walkthrough videos from Youtube as an overlay in the Google Chrome tab.



Do I believe that Google will start to compete with giants in the gaming industry?

No, I don't believe that they will try to compete. I do however believe that Google are very interested in gaming. Interactive entertainment is definitely the future. Gaming is a big part of that of course. Google does have a huge market when it comes to the Internet. They will be able to work together with all the big companies and become a power within gaming.


There are even some talk about how Google might buy entire development studios. If they were to enter and fight Sony and Microsoft, that would definitely be the way to go. But why risk so much when they can control a big part of the market together with these giants?


Imagine if Google were to setup a service like Steam but it was all through Google Chrome? You would be able to play the games in your browser anywhere, without much installing needed? Now that would be something, right?

There are already services that will help you to play your games on another monitor. With Google and their browser. Perhaps that would be a huge success?


During The Fit Gamer Podcast episode 144 Bas and Roman discuss the possibilities of Google entering the gaming world.


They sure would have a solid logo with "GG" (Google Gaming), perfect for the gaming industry. With the letters being well known to all gamers.