Google Stadia: The Future Is Coming

Submitted by Roman on Sun, 03/31/2019 - 17:12


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Google Stadia

- The future is coming 


This is what we have dreamt about. It is said to be coming in 2019! Yay!



What is this?

If you have not heard about this yet, it is about time to get updated. This ia streaming service that will take care of everything for you. It will use hardware that is somewhere inside a big corporate headquarter called Google Inc. It will use that hardware to stream the games to your monitor. All you pretty much need is a device with Google Chrome and a solid Internet connection. And you can play anything in 4K, 60 fps and a lot of other technical specs that they are proud to present.


This is not just one of those subscription services that allow you to play games from a library. This service will make sure to destroy the gaming scene as we know it today. There will be no need to buy high end PC's, no use for consoles (except for exclusive titles perhaps) – All we will ever need is to pay money to Google and our Internet Service Provider to give us the best possible connection.



Do we believe that this will run flawlessly?

Not directly. No way that this will be something that will just automatically run without glitches.



Will this be expensive?

I haven't heard about any prices being mentioned yet. But I can imagine. This is me speculating. They will probably start out with a low price, to make people try the service. If they manage to get people to invest in their service and fast connections. If people are not buying a new console or a new gaming PC for their home. Then they will be free to do whatever they want in the end. The prices will probably rise, a lot. There won't be any competition if people want to play the best games.




There has been mentionings of Amazon being able to pull something similar off. I believe that even Google themselves mentioned that Amazon might be another company that has the power for this. Just to mention a fun fact. There has been rumours about Walmart being interested in a similar service. But those rumours have no reliable sources. And to be fair, if they did think about it. When a company like Google is the competition. Maybe, mayyybe don't try to challenge them unless you are a company with similar resources.



There are plenty to be said about this. I will say this however, I am super excited to see what the future has to offer. Will this take over? It does have the potential!



If you want to hear more about this. You can listen to The Fit Gamer Podcast. It is available here on Zonezter, Spotify, iTunes and all the other places where you usually find podcasts. In the latest episode we discuss this a lot and it is easy to find that episode since the title is clear about "Google Stadia".