GTA V Battle Royale

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 08/29/2017 - 20:42



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New mod for GTA V

- Inspired by Battle Royale?


With a game like GTA there are so many options. I mean, they can really choose to implement whatever they want and make it competitive. They can have races with different  vehicles. They can have different modes that involves killing opponents. They can have capture the flag. The developers can really pick and choose. 

Now it seems like they have been working on a new mode. I don't play the game very much even though I own it. And I haven't been intrested enough to learn all the released details on the subject. But it does sound like they will implement some kind of mode where you enter an area and your goal is to kill your opponents. Sounds familiar? 


The mode that I am referring to is called "Motor Wars". I am not sure why or how but the area available will shrink, forcing players to move closer to each other. It is about scavanging for weapons, finding good vehicles and survive the longest. That these games have been popular for a few years now are something we all know by now. But how will the fans of GTA handle this?

Like I said, the GTA franchise can really do anything with the game itself. All they need to do is to set different rules and create an enviroment. Everything is already there. I doubt people will purchase GTA to play a Battle Royale mode. If they want that they will just pick up Player Unknown's Battleground. But GTA V have been around for a long time now and this might be what makes the players stay a bit longer in the online part of GTA V. Will this affect your gaming habits?


Personally I am not even sure if I ever will try an online mode for GTA. To me that game is about the stories and driving around like a mad man. If I want to play stuff online I usually go MOBA since I have a lot of friends that play those games.