Gwent: What is the announcement?

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 13:49


Gwent logo


Gwent: Something will be announced

- The standalone version of the Witcher card game will announce....

- What?


It seems like they will announce something that have been referred to as ”a new way to play”.


This video is just a teaser. It seems to be connected to an ingame feature. 


Now I am wondering why this announcement is not regarding a mobile release. If they want to be able to compete with the rest of the card games out there. It would be a very important move to offer gameplay on smart phones and tablets.


Wouldn't you agree?


I haven't even played Witcher. That is the level of knowledge I have about this card game. But I do know that it has a following. There seems to be a lot of fans of the game that is eager to see more game modes being added. 


This following could potentially grow a lot though. The Witcher game itself have given a lot of players an insight into what Gwent actually is. If people would be able to play it while killing time between classes or on the bus. I believe that some of the Witcher players would choose Gwent instead of Hearthstone.