Working on creating a gym at home

Submitted by Roman on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 01:38


Roman gym



The gym is coming together nicely

- But certain things will have to wait


At the moment I can do all the basic exercises at home. That was the goal to begin with. Now I am making sure I can do them all while being protected the way I am at the gym. I don't intend to spend the same amount of money the gyms have to spend on big setups however.

Below you can see the first prototype for the squat setup. The point is to make sure that if I fail, the bar won't fall to the floor and crush it (or cause injury to me of course).



roman gym 2

There are a few details left on this wooden setup. But I am able to perform heavy squats at home already. Besides finishing this wooden safety setup, I will create a place to hang the weights. It can't be that hard. All I need to buy is some circular iron pipes and attach that to a solid piece of wood. That way I won't have to have the weights lying on the floor the way they currently do.


Now I can get a good workout done even if family life requires me to be around the house. Perfect! No more excuses. I will reach my goals!