Your health put in perspective

Submitted by Roman on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 18:37


Man with car



What car do you drive?

- Is it the car of your dreams?


What about the body of your dreams

- Do you have a similar goal for that?




This text is not about choosing your dream car. It is really about comparing your body to a car. It struck me when I was at the yearly check up with my car. How is the car important to me? Is it simply to transport me from point A to point B? Is it a status symbol that will show that I am successful or cool?


You might have gotten to know me a bit by now. I turned the thoughts from the car and started to compare it to my body. What do I want my body to symbolize? Do I want to get a stronger engine, cool looking rims?

What fuel am I feeding my body?



A big part of it all is definitely money

It is probably an economic issue for most people. We have to choose what we prioritize in life. We can't afford to just max every aspect in life. We have a salary and based on that we have to make decisions. Let's take a look at how well spent your money is when spent on something like a car. Or perhaps you are spending it on your body?



Even if I were to buy a brand new car with all the turbo packages there are on the market. In 10 or 15 years time, that car will have played out its purpose. But my body will have to last me until the day I die. Perhaps it would be a good idea to actually let it cost. Spend money on maintaining it. Feed it the best possible fuel that I can afford within my budget?



Money invested in yourself is money well spent

Think about it yourselves. One thing that I come to think about straight away is the personal trainers that are available. It is not difficult to find one. Pretty much every gym has them. If you are uncertain regarding diets and workout schedules. It is 2019 and all the information is available on the Internet.

But if you don't want to spend all that time trying to filter all the information that you can find on the Internet. (Because there are a lot of bullshit on there as well.) So, to save time. You can go to one of these personal trainers and try a session.


I suggest that you prepare a lot of questions in advance. Try to summarize what your goals is with your diet or your workouts. That way you will save time and you will get the help that you are really looking for.

Don't be afraid to choose a personal trainer that will be best fit for you. They are people and that means that they have different personalities. You might have to try a few different ones to find one that will motivate and help you the best. Don't be afraid to have demands, it is your money that you are spending on getting started with your healthy lifestyle.




A fun thought.

Have you ever thought of this?

There are a lot of classical cars that has been taken care of with a lot of love over the years. They are not driven in poor weather. They are polished with precision every now and then. People have really taken care of them. They look brand new! Even though they are from 1967 or whatever.


Have you figured out where I am heading with this?

If you have a brand new car, manufactured in 2019. That car will look stunning just by you driving it through the automatic car wash. It does not require that much attention to stay fresh.



Isn't it the same with our bodies? When you are 16 years old. It does not matter what you do. Your body is growing, repairing damages as soon as they appear. If you eat junk food, you won't automatically see the results on the scales and in the mirrors.

But as we grow older. Our bodies will need a bit more attention. As long as we give it, we can end up like those fantastic cars from 1967 that looks brand new.


It is so much more common to have a certain car that you want to own, at some point in your life. Or an expensive watch. You can visualize that in every possible detail. But it should be as easy to visualize what you want your health to be. That dictates what use you will have for all the cool shit that you want to own some day. Am I right?


Don't let the thought beat you down. No matter your current situation. You can always improve. It is never too late to start. Never!


Let's make sure that our bodies are well taken care of!