Gaming: A good education

Submitted by Roman on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 19:28



How many times have you heard people complain at your gaming hobby?

- Not just one time, am I right?


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Have you considered the positive things about your hobby?


Just take the english language as an example


There are so many things that you learn from playing your video games. I know that a lot of you do have english as your native tongue. But for people who do not live in countries where english is the official language. Let me tell you something. People can go from having really bad grades in english to having no problems what-so-ever with speaking, writing and reading english. Just by playing their favorite video games.

The motivation to become good at a game. The mere fact that it is fun to play the video games. That is so powerful and motivates people to learn english to be able to take part in the community within the gaming world.






The ability to see something happening on the monitor and then react really fast to it. Does it sound like any game that you have played? You can basically apply that on any game. Eye-hand coordination. There you go. And you are not just reacting fast. You are able to perform insane combinations with different buttons in the proper order in a split second. Under pressure as well. Should you fail. Perhaps you will have to replay a big portion of the game. Or you will lost the game that you are in, losing ranking and a position that you have worked very hard to achieve.






This is something that people definitely does not understand unless they have played online video games themselves. Let's use one of the most obvious examples. World of Warcraft. Everyone who reads this text probably already know everything about it. But then again, let's explain to those who perhaps are not into the gaming world.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). It is old now but it used to be the biggest game on the market pretty much. In that game you form guilds with a big number of members. To organize, there has to be someone to lead it all. A guild leader. That means taking care of any number of people from 20-100 perhaps.


Why do you create a guild?

In order to take down the biggest monsters in the game you will need 40 people, fighting together. Is it perhaps your 16 year old who sits by the computer for hours at a time, talking in a microphone? Is he or she the one that leads all the other players?

Those leadership skills will be excellent to have in the future when creating a career. This is something that I explain to people at times. They never even thought about it being a chance of something like that coming from video games. If you are managing almost 100 people. Making sure that there is a system. That people are pleased with everything in your guild. That is a lot of people management! 

Then there is the raids. When 40 people are trying to take down a big boss. Some people are healing. Some are doing damage. That is a stressful situation. And you are trying to lead people through it all. That is not that everyone can do. Not in the long run at least. 




Social skills


Sure. We are not outside, playing with friends in tree houses as much as previous generations. But who the F cares? Do you have any idea how much social skills we get from communicating with people online? We are talking to people across the globe. And if we are not good at communicating. If we are not able to create relationships, making good decisions on how to interact with other people. We won't be able to advance in the games unless we have social skills since we need to have a team or a guild on our side to win.




Do you perhaps play a sport?


Are you working out hard several times a week? What do you think will give you the best results in your workouts? Working out 24/7?

Our bodies does not really work like robots I am afraid. That would have been handy in most cases. For our muscles to grow. We need rest. Rest being sleep and activities where we rest our bodies.

Sure, you can sit with a sudoku or something. But in terms of activating your brain. Evolving different skills. Playing video games is not a bad option. And if you take care of your sleep, there should be no problem with you relaxing with video games instead of watching TV or whatever other people do on their spare time. You have done your workouts, it is time to relax!

By the way. Playing video games can definitely be considered a sport by itself. And if you have that competitive nerve. I bet that you are playing competitive video games as well as normal competitive sports. The same mindset will get you far within the world of gaming!



There are negatives if not treated with respect


Of course. You can play too much. It is like with everything in life. If you are looking to an excuse to play video games because you are resting. Hah! You better not lose sleep over it because after all. Sleep is the most important way to rest our bodies. Younger people need more sleep than older ones. But 7-9 hours is the standard answer to how much sleep adults should have. So if you are in your upper teens. I would suggest that 8-9 hours is definitely something to aim for. And in there are late raids in a video game. There might be tough to find the 8 hours of sleep before school the next day. If that becomes a regular thing where you sacrifice sleep and spend more and more time in front of your PC or console. Then it is time to take a look at your schedule and see if you can change anything to get more sleep. 

We want to become the best possible versions of ourselves. No excuses. We need to take care of our bodies! 


It is like with anything in life really. You can get stuck in gaming. Every now and then, there are heart breaking stories about people losing control. Gaming is a way to relax. A way to spend time with friends online while playing your favorite video game. Unless you are playing on a pro level or are really close to being able to live on playing video games. You need to remember what is most important in life. Gaming is a hobby, it will always be there for you. But it should not take control over your life. Period.