Next-gen consoles released during 2019?

Submitted by Roman on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 17:24


PlayStation 4


Will we get to see a next-gen console during 2019

- Do we want to see it?


There are some talk about statements being made by someone at Sony. Hinting at the next generation of consoles. I remember that when I read the quote from Sony. It was not a statement saying ”We are working on PlayStation 5!”. It was more of a tiny hint at Sony thinking about the next generation of consoles.

Of course they are thinking about it! They have been doing that for years. Trying to figure out what to add to their next console.



Do we want to see the next generation of consoles being released as soon as next year?

Is it time to throw away our current consoles? Because it seems to me as if they are getting some great results graphically with games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Everyone is talking about the graphics being really something special.


Do we think that one of the giants of Sony and Microsoft will dare to release the next generation before the other one? Right now it feels as if the upgraded versions of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is still able to perform really well.


If one of the giants would release a new console during 2019 and the other one does not. It is a risk taking. Sure, they might get a few extra sales because of them being first on releasing the next generation of consoles. But at the same time, if people feel that their upgraded console is good enough for a while longer. Then if the competition will release their console during 2020. People might feel that the first console that was released in 2019 is old and can't really compete with the newest console.


Personally I feel like they are probably really well informed with how the competition is progressing. Perhaps not having an open dialogue, they are still competitors trying to outsmart the other one.



Personally I would not mind a new console being released. It would mean that the issues that some systems suffer at the beginning of their lifespan will be over sooner. I am still thinking that I will purchase the first edition of the PlayStation 5 at launch. After all, a console is really cheap if compared to prices for a PC system.