Hitman 2: Columbia trailer released

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Hitman 2

Image from hitman.com


Hitman 2: Trailer showing Columbia

- Releases in November 



The announce trailer for Hitman 2



A teaser trailer for Hitman 2, a visit to Columbia



Hitmans goes on road trip.. To Columbia? Not as fancy environments as I have seen in the episodic game Hitman. If you did take a look at the trailers above. You have seen the race track. And that is more in line with what I would have expected from Hitman.



Jungles are really hard to create for video games. Unless buildings where there are very clear lines. In a jungle. Will you be hidden behind these bushes? Will you see through them? A lot of questions and millions of leafs that should move in the wind.


Columbia. Jungle environment. A difficult task for the developers. Let's talk graphics and jungles. Instead of designing a building with concrete walls, the developers are trying to create billions of leafs that should move in the wind. In games where the graphics are supposed to look as real as possible. That creates a real challenge.

How will bushes work? If you hide in a bush, will you be able to see out from it? If you are able to see out from the bush. Are other people able to see you lying in the bush? And in games where there are no other players, there are only A.I controlled characters. Will they be able to use bushes in a realistic way?


I guess there are not that much to take from the trailer that is showing Columbia. Instead of just writing about fears of the jungle being difficult to work with. Let's take a look at the fun aspects. Being able to sneak around in the jungle will give Hitman a new element. A lot of the times it is about blending in with the environment, looking like you belong. Walking around an airport with clothes you just stole from a security guard for example.

But here I imagine that you will need to stay out of sight a little bit more. A bit difficult to blend in, trying to act as one of them.



This game will be released in November on the 13th.


I imagine that this will be one of the titles that I will play at some point. But it is such a game that I would need to spend some time with before I feel good enough about the controllers. Playing a game where the controllers are an issue is the worst feeling. And I got the previous Hitman title on a discount and started to play it a bit. It started to become a lot of fun after a few hours. They manage to create the feeling of choice. A lot of different ways to take care of business.


I am looking forward to trying this game out some time in the future.