HUNT: Showdown add weapons in new update

Submitted by Roman on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 18:24


hunt showdown update


HUNT: Showdown update is live

- Plenty of new stuff in the 1,8Gb download



You can read about the update here: Update 2.1 bring a lot of new stuff. If you just want to know what the highlights are, I will list them below. And at the end of this text I will add the trailer for the update as well. Enjoy!




Stealth weapons

When I first saw this game, one of the great aspects of it was the stealth alternative. In a gameplay trailer I saw people sneaking around, avoiding confrontation. That was what got me hooked. The possibility to tackle the task at hand, using stealth.


There are not one but three new crossbows.


Old School Crossbow

Hand Crossbow

Poison Crossbow




Silenced weapons

There are ways to make modern weapons stealthy as well. I am pretty sure that there will be different versions of the rifles. But they are adding silencers for two rifles. Listed below.


The Sparks LRR





When you choose your gear, perhaps you want to bring the big guns. Just in case. You never know when you might need them. There will be a new way of getting stealthy kills even though you bring the big guns.


Throwing Knives





Speaking of the big guns. Here is a shotgun that works great in close quarters. And judging by the name. Perhaps you can use it to spear the enemies if they are coming too close?


Specter 1882 Bayonet




I have not been playing the game enough to know everything in it. If I understand it correctly there is an axe since before. This is a new axe. You won't be able to throw this one. But when coming close and you are low on ammo, this sounds like an interesting alternative.


Combat Axe



Vitality shots will take longer time to inject. There will also be two variants, a normal one and a weaker one. The positive thing about the weaker one is that it will be cheaper.




Retrieve knives and bolts

When you have fired your crossbow or thrown your throwing knives. You will be able to retrieve the bolts and knives. At least if they are stuck in a dead body or in a wall.



Weather changes

There will be changes to the weather. I am not aware of all the different weather situations before the patch. But post-patch there will be a chance of heavy fog during the day.



Spectator mode

Who came first with the spectator mode after your own death? I won't dive into that debate. But I guess you could compare this new feature to the one that can be found in PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds if you somehow missed it).




Was there anything special in here that you have been waiting for? Or perhaps there is still something that you are waiting for to be added to the game? We have different play styles and we know what we would like to have implemented in the game to suit us.



Here is the trailer I promised to add in the text.