Indie films

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Independent films

The word indie has become famous within the gaming industry lately. It means an independent game developer, a developer that does not have big companys to back him financially. In the movie business, it is quite big - did you know?

It is like the gaming industry. If a developer in the gaming industry manages to create a game that becomes a hit, they will become an indie developer with money to create even bigger projects in the future. Or they might have attracted the attention from the big companies meaning they will get funding for the next game. A lot of famous actors and producers started out in these independent movies and from there on they became the big stars of Hollywood.


Some examples of indie movies are:

- The Blair Witch Project (a personal favorite of mine)

- Reservoir Dogs (was named "greatest independent film of all time" by some)

- The Texas chainsaw massacre

- Terminator (yes it started out as an indie film)


reservoir dogs

The Reservoir Dogs are having scenes with a lot of police cars which stands out from the ordinary when it comes to indie films. In my mind an indie film often have few locations or at least deserted locations, meaning they won't have to hire that many people. The Blair Witch Project is the perfect example. Basically it is just the teenagers in the woods during the entire movie. No cost of crashing expensive cars, creating big explosions etc. 


An independent movie does not have to be about not having a budget though. There are sites like kickstarter that can help producers get the funding they need to create a high quality movie and it will still remain an independent movie. 

Is it harder nowadays to make it as an indie film maker? I am no expert. But choosing movies that does not require that many actors to be involved, the technology that is available should make it easier to create good films. All that matters is the skill of the film makers. If the movie becomes a success or not is more of a gambling though. Will the media give it good reviews? I guess that is the big question.


To gain a reputation as an indie film maker there are indie film festivals to attend and show your movie to the world. I suppose these exist in a lot of big cities around the world.